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How can hypnotherapy help me?


Hypnotherapy allied to psychotherapy (which is a deeper form of counselling) can help with a wide range of problems :


. Stress / Anxiety / Panic attacks / Trauma
. Lack of confidence / Low self-esteem
. Fears and phobias
. Post-traumatic stress disorder
. Childhood abuse
. Emotional problems
. Loss and bereavement
. Depression
. Insomnia
. Eating disorders
. Weight problems
. Smoking / Unwanted habits
. Compulsions and obsessions
. Psychosomatic symptoms
. Relationship and marital problems

Hypnotherapy can also be an aid to personal growth or to improve performance in the areas of creativity, sport or decision-making. Self-hypnosis can be taught to assist relaxation and self-development.


What benefits can I expect ?

. relaxation
. enhanced well-being
. confidence
. higher self-esteem
. improved self-image
. fears, phobias or panic attacks overcome
. more control of my life
. ability to think and act positively
. better sleep
. weight control
. an end to smoking and unwanted habits
. control of repetitive thought / behaviour patterns
. relationships which work
. enhanced performance and decision- making


Could something go wrong ?

Hypnosis has been shown to be a safe and effective method of treatment, in the hands of a well-trained and responsible therapist. Generally clients experience the state of hypnosis as a very pleasurable and relaxing experience, which they are keen to repeat. Contrary to popular myth, the client remains aware and in control throughout the session and can choose to come out of hypnosis if he or she so desires. Members of the Central Register of Advanced Hypnotherapy must adhere to a strict code of ethics.

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